Can't compile with framework after upgrading Xcode 6.3.1

I just upgraded Xcode to support iOS 8.3 and when I try to build a project I get the following compile error related to the framework (I added what is in brackets to anonymize the file path):

ld: warning: ignoring file [/.../]MetaWear.framework/MetaWear, missing required architecture x86_64 in file [...]/MetaWear.framework/MetaWear (3 slices)

And the a bunch of errors related to Metawear classes not being defined.


  • Two things:
    1) Upgrade to the pods, the framework is no longer used.
    2) Make sure you are compiling for an iPhone plugged in to your computer and not the Simulator
  • My mistake.  After upgrading it no longer selected my plugged in device by default to compile for.  Once I selected the device everything worked as expected. 
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