how to connect buzzer

Buzzer connection pin details are not available in documentation. Please refer pin id for buzzer connection


  • Buzzer pin details are in the preliminary product spec pdf file under section 8, "Typical Application Circuit"

  • this section shows vibration motor and battery pin details, not buzzer pings. 
    kindly confirm whether we need to use vibrator pins for buzzer or we can use other pin. 
  • the motor and buzzer use the same pins
  • then, we can't use both (motor and buzzer), right?, or we can use both into same pin?, if yes how to control from mobile api?
  • I know it's not what you want to hear but you could at least switch between them with e.g. a transistor.
  • samsgates, tobynextdoor is right, you can use a transistor and attach it to one of the GPIO pins to connect the buzzer. Then you can just use the high current haptic driver pin to directly connect the vibrating motor to the board.
    I'll be releasing information about this soon in the getting started guide at
  • Thank for your update! Then how can I access from mobile ! Did. You update in API for this change
  • @samsgates use the sample app to control the buzzer. Review the code to see how it was implemented.
  • i am very new in electrical board connectivity, can you please provide some guide diagram (wire connections diagram with transistor) to clear understanding 
  • @samsgate, we will provide some hacks on our projects page soon including this setup.
  • Thanks laura..
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