Metawear now works for Hybrid Development!!! Android + iOS

This weekend I created an Apache Cordova plugin so we can control our metawear boards from a hybrid mobile app (i.e. you can write a single app that runs on both iOS and Android).  I uploaded my plugin to the cordova plugin registry here:

There is also a sample app to download and try it out on your devices.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I need to extend it for the temperature and accelerometer sensors but at least it's controlling the button press and LED color.


  • Hi, 

    could you upload apk, or dropbox of apk for working RGB color wheel i can simply download for android to test for the light on the pcb?
  • Hi. That Cordova plugin sounds really useful and might open up Metawear development to a much larger group of people (web app developers). I notice though that you've named your LED control function "neopixel" - I think that might be really confusing as it's my understanding that the Metawear board has firmware built in to control one or more external Neopixels ( connected to a general IO pin, and what you're controlling is the onboard LED which is not a Neopixel.
  • @andrew, noted.  I'll change the name to led
  • pushed the change... it is now called setLED.  Let me know if you have any other feedback.
  • ldeluca,
    You are awesome! I will tell everyone on all the social channels!!!!
  • Very cool.  Is this up to date/actively maintained?
  • Very Cool !
    Any sample Ionic Android App ?
  • You can use it just like you would use any cordova plugin.  I've been working on a new version as I get time so if there is any feature you would really like to see let me know and I'll give it priority.

  • Hello, 
    Is it possible to connect/control multiple metawear boards to an app using this plugin ?

    Thanks by advance.
  • The author of this plugin hasn't been active on the forums for a while and I believe the code is outdated as well. You should use the Cordova plugin written by @lgleasain here:
  • I noticed this other plugin but it's not complete yet and there is no date for the roadmap. I need to access the Led, buzzer, and others components...

    Do you think @Ideluca plugin is not working anymore ?

  • I have no idea.  The GitHub for her code hasn't been active in 2 years whereas the repo on our projects is still active.  The cordova plugin I linked is entirely community driven so your best bet would be to work with @lgleasain to get the features you want added.
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