Adding LCD Display

Hi guys,
did anybody successfully add a LCD display to metawear? I'm planning to add this baby to it but since I didn't get my kit yet just wonder if anybody want to share some experiences... 

Basically I wanna build a smart watch that I can control (print stuff out on LCD) through an Android/iOS app... as simple as that... anybody?

I'm no hardware expert, so I just wonder if I have all the pins necessary and how I can actually print stuff out on the LCD using the I2C or GPIOs (if I got the concept right)...

Any advice is highly appreciated...

btw: I read all sort docs on the internet and I couldnt find something that could guide me to a working prototype... sorry guys...


  • As far as I know there is currently no support for I2C in the api but they are working on it. So you may have to wait a little to achieve something like that.
  • Hey rafatuita,

    Toby is correct, we will be adding I2C support and likely will be releasing an LCD hack at the same time.

    In the meantime most folks are simply using their smartphone as the LCD portion of their device.

    Funny enough we did a Kickstarter campaign for an LCD version of the MetaWear and we found out no one wanted it. (It's called CUBIT and you can find it on Kickstarter if you want to have a good laugh).
  • I think it was a few months early for CUBIT. I think that *now* it would have been a success in Kickstarter.
  • Jonas,

    The problem is everyone always wants a different size screen for their product. Some folks want 2in screens, some want 1.5in screens, some want OLED, some want black and white LCD. You simply can't make a dev board with a screen that accommodates enough developers. Making CUBIT now would still likely not work out due to that fact.

    It would be better if someone created a board that you could plug different screens into (but then again different screens have different interfaces and different power requirements).

    It's a tough problem!
  • Hey,
    Has it has been almost a year sinc Laura's last post about this - I was wondering if it is possible to connect a small screen to my Metawear R?

    If it is can you recommend one and mention if there is any documentation about the matter.
  • yoavac,

    We saw a lot of issues with screen connectivity from a lot of users (you have to add a larger battery, extra boost and protection circuitry, custom firmware for drivers...).

    We are not going to support screens at this time.
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