Not Connecting to my Phone

I connected the Metaware PCB to USB and tried to look for device via Bluetooth, but my Phone did not find any new devices. I have read the doc, but not sure what I need to do. I have not soldered in the battery yet. Am I missing a step to connect. Do I need to down load an app first?


  • Does your phone support Bluetooth 4.0 or greater? You dont need to solder the battery to test the board, the usb connection works just as well. And yes you need to download the sample app to test the connection.
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    myvillage: You can use the Nordic or Radius Network mobile App to "sniff" and detect Bluetooth Low Energy devices such as the MetaWear. Some phones such as the iOS phones require that a device advertise a very specific packet in order to show up in their Bluetooth device menu. MetaWear does not advertise in an iOS compliant manner so you will need a special App to find it. You can also use our sample Apps to do this.
    As xvision pointed out, make sure your phone is Bluetooth 4.0 compliant. Additionally, you don't need to solder the battery unless you want to power the RGB LED.
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