C# Wrapper v1.0.0 Released

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I setup a Visual Studio solution that builds a C# wrapper around the MetaWear C++ API for Windows Phone 8.1.  The solution also has a test app that demonstrates how to use the wrapper functions.



  • Hi,
    Any sample using Wrapper for Windows 10 ?
  • The same code works for a Windows 10 universal app.  The wrapper project itself is for C++ API v0.2.2 though so you will need to update the DllImport calls accordingly if you want to use API v0.3.0.
  • Args I'm n00b can't retarget for Windows Universal.

    Anyway to provide a dll to import in our project ? or a magic binding for NodeJS ?
    I don't need UI only a way to setup and listen to stream/status of MetaWare
  • I'm looking into publishing on NuGet (haven't gotten around to setting everything up).  In the meantime, you can make a new  Universal app and copy the files and settings.  The C++ API README lists out project properties that need to be changed to compile the C++ code.
  • A NuGet package will be so cool :-)
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