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Now when the CADs of the metawear C is out it looks like the holder for the battery is fixed to 2032? Is it possible to remove the battery holder? We would like to for example be able to use a CR2477 battery instead. If the battery holder only would have 2 pins, one on the side and one more in the center then any 2xxx battery would have been possible to use.


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    Hi Sonalideo.  The MetaWearC will ship by default with a coin cell holder clip that can hold a CR20XX in place without any additional casing.  That way it is standalone and ready to go out of the box.

    The coin cell holder can be removed if you are handy with a soldering iron or hot air gun.  For a CR2477, my advice would be to remove the holder, cover one of the positive connections with a sticker, and attach some form of contact to the other positive pin.  That will give you a configuration very similar to what you are describing.  Additionally, if using a slightly larger battery like you describe, you will want something like a sticker to separate the GPIO pins from the battery.

    We would be happy to help with removing some clips.
  • Which holder are you currently using and do you have any specifications on those ones?
    How does the negative pin look like currently?

    We have decided go with a cr2450 battery for the extended life time. Would be great to get your help on removing some of cr2032 holders and suggestion on how to attach new holders that can support 24mm batteries.
  • Hi Sonalideo, we are using a coin holder from Linx technologies, datasheet available here:

    There are four small pads which form the negative contact, which look like this:

    If I were wanting to modify a MetaWearC for a larger coin cell, I would try bending and wrapping the leads of a larger 24mm holder around to the top side of the board.  Alternatively you could use battery contacts which do not enclose the battery like a holder, and use a custom casing to hold the battery and MetaWearC in place.

    For my first suggestion, here are a number of battery holders that may be a good fit on digikey.

    For the second suggestion, here are a number of positive and negative battery contacts from keystone electronics.  Those should be available on digikey as well.  You should be able to solder those contacts onto the existing pads on the MetaWearC.

    With the larger diameter battery, I would suggest using something like a sticker to cover pads or I/O pins which you do not want to short to the battery casing.
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