Connected Dice


With upcoming MetaWare C from Kickstarter I hope many developers will start new projects :-)

The Idea of connected dice is to put the Metaware in a cube, roll it and send dice upside to a mobile app. (Well yes it might be a big dice)

Did someone already bootstrap a code to do a connected dice ? I assume the acelerometer and gyroscope are required

It would open many ideas for connected games ;-)


  • I've had similar thoughts. A quarter like object that you could use to have super accurate "heads or tails" readings, and perhaps a spin top that could measure number of full spins.
  • @JpEncausse : once your new die has settled, you can use the accelerometer to determine its orientation.  The accelerometer can see the force of gravity, which will tell you how it is oriented.  There are six outcomes for the accelerometer orientation: approximately 1g in X, -X, Y, -Y, Z and -Z.
  • Ok so I use the "Orientation" stream of Accelerometer, It works but it somehow weird because there is 8 possible values ...

    I don't understand the use of X and -X ... you will get a direction vector but not an Orientation ? How do you decide you settled ?

    At the begining I wanted to use the Gyroscope because it's the orientation. But I might miss something...

    An other tricky thing is bluiding the dice ;-)
  • Anyway using -X and X ... works fine ! Thanks !

    Now I will have to do it offline and set the iBeacon value according to the side :-/
  • Here is a video:

  • That is a sexy dice.
  • An other video with a mockup game on my smart table:

    A little Brainstorming:
    When people shake the dice then pause, the dice "settled" and trigger the game. How can I detect the dice is really thrown ?

    If I move the dice because it is on something it also move > settled and trigger the mage ... hard to find the good UX.
  • Dropping the dice on a table will produce a spike in the acceleration.  You could detect a spike in the acceleration sample (either XYZ, or perhaps RSS).
  • What's driving the game display?  AKA,  is it running Linux,  OS-X etc.?  Might be a good use case for the node or C++ api once you have the other pieces perfected.
  • @lgleasain it's a quick PoC

    The Dice 
    - stream data to the Android Mobile 
    - then send HTTP Request to a NodeJS server
    - then send WebSocket  message to the Browser

    The Game is only an HTML page with a background image and some JavaScript for each square with animation.

    I'm thinking about a ChromeExtension to use the dice with

    => Yes I would love to do the same in NodeJS/Windows or C# without the Mobile (I have many ideas with my home automation framework SARAH => like Amazon Echo)
    => Or I would like to Broadcast Dice state in iBeacon
    => I also want to handle multiple dices 

    Thanks yes it needs some tuning

    The dice is cardboard of 2.7cm edge. I'm thinking about a business model with a game maker. I don't know if MBientLab can make a smaller version with less sensors.

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