Swift Programming with Metawear

Hey all, Im a long time "authoring/programmer" but new to native device programming. I am hoping to use Swift for my projects. 

Any other swifters out there? Can we start a thread/group around swift so we can band together on this?

I heard of a Swift Starter app in another post... Can anyone point me to that?

Many thanks!


  • The Swift starter app is on our GitHub page:

  • I have it successfully streaming and saving to a text file. I'll try to post my app soon as an example.
  • Nice to see others using Swift PhilRo and stu68.

    Eric, you may find that you can market mbientlabs devices pretty well for iOS and OS X (and tvOS) when using markup in Playgrounds.

    Su68, I'll check out the example and look forward to talking more on this forum.
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