The APP closed unexpectedly always.

Hello guys. I have like a 1 week trying to follow the video tutorial, I do not get any error, just for the issue that when I "run" or "Debug" the APP, the app open in my cellphone normally, but when I push a custom button that I add as the exercise indicated, the APP always closed unexpectedly.

My cellphone is a brand new Motorolla X Play.

I followed the video tutorial several times, step by step, and the result is always the same, APP Closed unexpectedly, and I am sure I have No errors in the code.

What can I do?

Thank you!

Christian Bodington


  • You will have to give more information about your crash before we can help you.  For starters, you should provide:
    1. A stacktrace of the crash.
    2. The code being executed and any relevant code to provide more context.
    3. The steps taken to cause the crash.
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