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With any online community there are a lot of questions that others have asked.  Before asking a new question please use the search key to see if anybody else has asked the same question.

Common Questions


I don't have any mobile development experience.  How do I get started?

While the MetaWear does make bluetooth and small device development easier it still requires programming skills.  Currently the IOS and Android API's offer the richest functionality and best overall experience.  Before developing your own MetaWear application you should be comfortable developing basic applications on one of these platforms.  Online courses on Udacity are a great place to start if your new to mobile development.

What About Cordova?

Currently we have limited Cordova support and are working on improving it.  It is open source and we would welcome any pull requests or efforts to help us make it better.  You can find it over here.

Can use the emulator when testing my app?

No,  the API requires bluetooth connectivity which means you need to run the app on a real phone.

What about C++ and  Node-JS?

There is a C++ API.  currently it has been tested with .net and should work under linux.  For more information check out the repo here.  A node-js project has also been created.  It doesn't support the full set of functionality,  but gives you enough to do some fun things if you prefer using node.  You can find a getting started article here and the full repo here.

I have another language that I would like to see support for.

Please post a topic in the forum.  The decision to support new languages comes from your feedback.  Also,  if you hare really passionate about seeing support for a language and want would like to start to add support please let us know.  Both the Node-js and Cordova support began as community efforts and are things that the team openly supports.

Is the firmware open source?

No.  The Android,  C++ and other API's along with all of the example applications are open source,  but the firmware that runs on the MetaWear board is not.


When I try to pair my device I don't see it

If you had previously paired with the device close any apps and programs that were paired to it and toggle the bluetooth radio on these devices on and off.  If this is your first time pairing this device make sure that your device is charged and make sure that you have a device that supports bluetooth 4.0.

When I try to light up the LED on my  MetaWear R it only briefly lights up and then dies when plugged in.

 You probably have a dead battery.  Try charging the device for an hour and then pairing with it using the MetaWear test app and turning on the LED to full brightness.  This should work with the device being unplugged form a power source.  If it doesn't you probably have a defective battery.  You can either try to attach a different LiPo battery or please use the Contact Us page with your order number to see about a replacement.

My Metawear is always reporting a 0% battery even after charging it for an hour

This is also a defective battery.  Please see the previous answer for more instructions.
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