Connectivity and Communication

I have three questions as I want to implement a wearable device project with MetaWear RG Pro. I am a noob so please be patient with my questions.

1) Can I connect a wifi module, ESP8266 that can send recorded data to a web client and/or phone app?

2) To my understanding when you pair the phone with the MetaWear device; the android or IOS app u build will be programmed into the MetaWear device, correct? If this is true, when the device is more than 150 ft away (maximum bluetooth range) will the MetaWear device still function based on what you programmed it for?

3) Can the MetaWear Bluetooth communicate with other bluetooth modules within range?

If this is not clear i can provide a project description.


    1. The GPIO pins on board provide up to 3V, which judging from the spec sheet, should be sufficient.  You would have to communicate with the WIFI module through the I2C bus.
    2. Range has nothing to do with the operation of a board unless you are streaming data.
    3. Not directly.  They can only communicate with the device they are directly connected to (i.e. your phone) and your device will have to be a bridge amongst the other boards.
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