Best Setting for preserving device battery life

edited January 2016 in Hardware
In my app, a change in the combination of x and y values needs to trigger the App to start a timer. If those x and y values are held over 5 minutes, then the device needs to buzz until the x and y values are changed again.  The device could sleep unless its position returns to x and y above and the process is triggered again.  It wouldn't matter if the App only received a message that x and y had been reached even 10 seconds after the actual event.  With that in mind, what would be the most battery efficient settings for sample frequency, high pass filter, low noise mode, sleep sample frequency and sleep power scheme? Thanks!


  • Assuming you are streaming data, I would use the lowest ODR frequency and disable all other operations.  Sleep mode only works if you plan on using one of the built in detection algorithms i.e.  orientation, tap, etc.
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