Compatibility with snapdragon processors?

We have tested extensively on different android platforms and seen a correlation that platforms running snapdragon processors (212 and 410) quite often just terminate the logging of accelerometer data and streaming does not resume on next connect. Basically it looks like all routes are reset. Have you seen something similar?

Running Android 5.1.1, Firmware 1.1.3 and API 2.4.0
Have a route which logs and streams accelerometer data simultaneously. After around 3 connects/disconnects streaming can't be resumed on further connects and logging of data has stopped (revealed at next connection attempt since data in logs are still there.)


  • I tested a simple accelerometer stream with various Android devices (Nexus 5, 6, 9, Moto G 2013, Samsung Galaxy S4).  All were able to stream data then disconnect and connect to resume the stream with no problems except the Moto G, which is using a Snapdragon 400 CPU.  

    I'm not sure what could be the problem in this case.  The MetaWear's software stack is Bluetooth LE compliant.
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