Is there a way to eraseCommandsToRunOnEventAsync() for all events on device?

In the Android docs it looks like calling removeMacros() will erase all commands on the device.  I would like to do that in Swift but it seems like eraseCommandsToRunOnEventAsync() only works for individual events.  

I'd rather not reset the device because I might want to keep logging data.

I don't think the configuration method will work because I'm creating filtered events based off of a threshold that the user can change in the app after the initial configuration.

Thanks for any help!


  • Sorry, there is no way to erase all events other than a device reset.

    I think you still want to use a configuration object for your use case.  If the threshold ever changes then you download the log, update properties on the configuration object, and then call setConfiguration: again.

    Longer term, this flow can be optimized.  We will have API's to update threshold values on a filter without re-programming.

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