IOS XCODE Assertion Failed

I'm getting:

Assertion failed: (self.activateCount >= 0), function __30-[MBLRegister deactivateAsync]_block_invoke, file /Users/sschiffli/Code/metawear-ios-api/MetaWear/MBLRegister.m, line 572.

Is this something I might be causing or a possible bug? I'm just streaming at 100MHz. It's been working but this come up randomly while streaming.

Thank you for any help or insights into what this may be.


  • This does happen sometimes during development, it's just a corrupted cache file used internally.

    You need to delete the app from your device to fully clear out all cached data and then reinstall.
  • We tried that on two different models of phones with same result.
  • edited February 2016
    I think I figured it out - pretty sure is was a dispatch_async/ UI thread issue.
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