Sampling ADC at 2k samples per second for 5 seconds and delayed transmission of data.

Hi Team,

We have requirements as following 

1. sample ADC at 2k samples per second for 5 second ( 10k samples )  ( we need to record audio from small mic ) 
2. send the samples to mobile device via bluetooth ( non-real-time is okay ) 
3. repeat this process every 15 seconds or 30 seconds. 

The ADC sampling time for 10 bit resolution is less than 100 microseconds. but java api allows to set sampling time as only 1ms minimum which is 1000 samples/second. 

what will be simple approach to solve the above problem ? 


  • The default firmware does not support time granularity smaller than milliseconds.  Even if the firmware supported this, Bluetooth LE is not designed for high frequency data streams and the logger will be full within a matter seconds.  

    For your use case, I would recommend using Bluetooth classic.

  • can we use Bluetooth classic  with mbient lab platform ? 
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    No, metawear is a Bluetooth LE platform.
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