Console Warning On Incorrect Firmware Even Though Up To Date

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When attempting to connect to 8 sensors at one time, I am running into an issue. Initially, I connected 8 sensors to my iPhone 6s and have confirmed that I can stream data against all 8. This was initially done with the sample app on the App Store.

I then deleted the sample app from the App Store and built the sample app from the repo. With this version of the app, only 6 of the 8 sensors could be connected to, with 2 of them causing an message to be written to the console:

[WARNING] Deprecated firmware, please update to ensure correct operation of all modules

Attaching a symbolic breakpoint to NSLog, I believe this is being called from the internal method: MBLMetaWear resetModulesWithoutAssert:

I then deleted the version of the app from the repo and reinstalled the one on the App Store. This would allow me to connected to the sensors that I couldn't from the other version. I then reset to factory defaults and even re-updated the firmware on these sensors. Going back to the sample app from the repo, I eventually was able to get all 8 to connect again.

However, I have run into this problem again when switching to another device. Both a 3rd gen iPad mini and iPhone 6 will only connect to 6 devices at once and print that log message.

What doesn't make sense is that certain devices/app versions can't connect to 2 different sensors. Given that I was successfully able to connect to 8 at once and have even streamed accelerometer data from 8, I don't think this is a bluetooth limit issue.


  • I downloaded the Nordic Master Control Panel app and I was able with issue to connect to all 8 Metawear devices concurrently. As a result, given that I have sporadically with my iPhone 6s connected to 8 at once and now that I can connect via Nordic this leads me to believe there is an issue in the firmware/SDK.
  • Thanks for the detailed report.  That error comes from a timeout if a response doesn't occur within a certain time.  I imagine that with around 6-8 concurrent connections the timeout length is no longer valid.

    We will have a fix in the next iOS SDK release happening this week.
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