C++ Windows Sample Application

Hi guys,
I have been using metawear borad on windows, and I started to use the C++ API v0.3.0 for that. Here is a sample C++ windows application for metawear board. I thought it would be a good idea if share it, so it could help anyone. It is almost the same code as the C# Wrapper released by mbientlab here https://github.com/mbientlab/MetaWear-CSharpWrapper, but with the use of C++ API v0.3.0 directly in Universal Windows Application. I have included the C++ API in folder metawear, but you can also get it from the official repository of mbientlab herehttps://github.com/mbientlab/Metawear-CppAPI

- Make sure that you have enabled you Bluetooth device
- Pair the metawear board from Bluetooth device settings in Windows before using the application.
- Make sure to choose the right platform when running the application from VS (either x64 or x86).

Requirements: Windows 10, Visual Studio Community 2015.

Here is the link of C++ Sample Application:


  • Sweet!  Thanks for doing a C++/CX port of the C# app.
  • This is great, thanks!
  • HI, 
    I add to your code  an algoritm of getting  yaw pitch roll from accelerometer and gyroscope using the ahrs algorithm.
    But i want to use those datas to log it in a csharp application. How can I proceed?
    thank you for your help
  • If you want to use the data in C# application, why don't you proceed from this sample application that is implemented in C#.
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