I have a Flora controller plus a strand of 4 (four) Flora RGB Smart NeoPixel version 2, (RGB, 800 MHz)
which works fine with Arduino. The same strand  on SampleApp 2.2 fails, when I hook up
to GPIO pin 9. At one point one LED lit up in Green, indicating my power supply is OK, but then
no amount of change in line 238 (neoPixelController.initializeStrand(strand, ColorOrdering.MW_WS2811_RBG, // MW_WS2811_RGB)
trying various combinations of RGB/GRB etc seems to work.

Wondering if MbientLab has tested with various flavours of MW_WS2811_xxx ? 
How about version 2 (800 KHz) NeoPixels ( these are on the small circular PCBs : ) ?


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