Board Connection Timeout

Hi Eric,

I encountered an issue that after a long period of execution, my application cannot connect to a specific sensor since all the connection attempts were timed out. I then try to connect with Metawear application, normally it takes 30~80 seconds to connect, but sometimes it will not show the fragment until I click 'Cancel', which is really weird. After I disconnected from the sensor, the connection in my app worked.

I don't know whether it's related to the timeout settings. If it is, I wonder if we can configure the board connection timeout ourselves? I looked into the source code, the timeout is set to 15 seconds in the API.



  • There is no way to configure the timeout in the current API.  15 seconds should be sufficient time to establish a connection with the board.  If it takes 30+ seconds, something is not right with your device or OS.

    What Android OS and device are you testing with?
  • I'm testing with LG Optimus Fuel. The Android system is 4.4.
  • The only thing I can think of is a Bluetooth error Samsung phones were having due to Samsung's Android OS variant:

    Do you have another Android device to test with?  If not, you should look into acquiring more devices and testing on various Android OSes.

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