MetaWear RG Battery Issue

edited March 2016 in Hardware
Recently received MetaWear RG and unable to get power to board. I have followed all of the instructions to enable power/boot out of sleep mode including charging, disconnecting battery/hold button down, charging again. Do you have any suggestions? Dead battery?


  • I am using the MbientLab MetaWear app to detect the sensor. Blue tooth is on.
  • I am now able to connect to the board with the MetaWear App when the board is plugged in.
  • Issue is resolved.
  • Was it simply a battery in need of some charging?
  • I disconnected the positive terminal from the battery. I was then able to connect to the board when it was plugged in. Now I can connect unplugged when engaging the positive terminal. I did perform a boot when the positive terminal was disengaged. 
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