Streaming Acclerometer and Gyro simultaneously

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 there is inconstancy while streaming Accel and Gyro simultaneously.
I have few lines in FreeFallDetection sample code, and used Threading.
I am aware that threading doesn't guarantee parallel execution at exact time.
Please guide how can i achieve parallel streaming.


  • Simply saying there is an "inconsistency while streaming Accel and Gyro simultaneously" and linking code and a log file does not give us much information to work with.  You need to also provide us with the proper context about your problem such as:
    1. What you are trying to accomplish
    2. The expected and actual behavior
    3. What we should be looking for in your code / log file
    4. MetaWear firmware revision
  • Thanks Eric,
    I am using Metawear C CPRO ,Firmware revision:1.1.3.

    want to analyse bat swing, so need to calculate linear acceleration and to be able to know acceleration and angular rotation at the give specific time stamp. 
    going ahead step by step, first of I am trying to capture accel and gyro data. 
    and expecting to stream sync data with time stamp, but as you see not able to get desired result.

    Please tell me if you want further clarification. 
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    What Android device and OS are you running?  It seems like whatever device you are using cannot support high frequency streams and is constantly dropping packets.
  • I  am running on Moto G First generation, Android 5.1
    Let me try on Android 6 and get back to you.

  • I have not had good BLE experiences on Moto G phones.  Do you have other Android phones you can test with?
  • FWIW  I've had similar experiences with other libraries and devices on this phone.  The Moto-G doesn't seem to be able to process things through the BLE stack as fast for some reason.  The worst one that I ever tested was an Alcatel device.  Surprisingly I've had good luck with LG phones (even the $25 dollar models) that have required a lot of throughput.....and the Nexus devices are always reliable.
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