Issues with Reading Temperature and Humidity

I copied the code from the android documentation for reading the humidity values.&nbsp; Every instances of "Bme280Humidity" is flagged with a "cannot find symbol class Bme280Humidity" error.&nbsp; How do I resolve this?<br><br>I did the same thing with reading the temperature values.  When I copied in the first line:
MultiChannelTemperature mcTempModule= mwBoard.getModule(<wbr>MultiChannelTemperature.class)<wbr>;
I get an UnsupportedModuleException error.&nbsp; When I place the code within a Try / Catch block, the error goes away but then I get a null exception error when the following line is executed:&nbsp; <br>
List&lt;Source&gt; tempSources= mcTempModule.getSources();<br><br>Please advise.


  • What firmware version are you running and what type of MetaWear board do you have?
  • I have the meta environment board.  I should have whatever firmware came by default.  I can not find the instructions on how to determine the current firmware level.
  • Firmware is 1.1.2

    The app also tells me that the humidity module (sensor) is not supported on this board which is disconcerning.
  • Use the app to update the firmware. The latest firmware for env and detector boards is 1.2.1.
  • Updating the firmware and updating the metawear to 2.5.9 in the bulid.gradle (module) resolved this issue.  Note the android documentation has the older gradle version and the github page has the current.
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