More Accurate Temperature on R Pro?

Hello, I am currently working with an R Pro and am logging temperature, but it seems like heat from the board causes the thermistor to show a temperature higher than room temperature.
Room temperature being about 23* C but I consistently get above 30* C on the readings. Is this normal for readings off the internal thermistor? And if so,
I read a post about someone who had a similar issue, ( and it was mentioned that adding a thermistor to the R is possible. ( (

Laura mentions that we can add our own thermistor to the R, but can we also do so on the R Pro? I am not too familiar with how firmware/GPIO stuff work, but is soldering a 10k thermistor with a 10k bias resistor as mentioned in the article the extent of modification I need to do, or do I need to also read from the GPIO instead of the internal thermistor?


  • It sounds like you are reading temperatures from the SoC, not the on-board thermistor.  You need to select the thermistor as your temperature source otherwise the API will default to using the SoC.
  • Sorry, I realized that I did not fully answer your question.  Yes, all MetaWear boards can have an external thermistor attached as detailed in the blog post.  When using the external thermistor, you need to tell the board which pins it is connected to before you can read temperature data from it.

    When you read temperatures from the board, you can specify which temperature sensor to read, which lets you pull temperatures from different sensors.

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