LED and drivers differences between the Metawear R and RPRO

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I’m trying to understand the differences in the LED/driver/specs between the Metawear R and the RPRO, but I’m a bit confused.  The spec sheet for the metawear R says there is an LED driver with ~20mA per channel. The spec sheet for the RPRO doesn’t mention an LED driver, and says it puts out 5mA per channel, but has significantly higher luminous intensity than the higher current metawear R (180,450,180 mcd for the R vs 120,305,75 mcd for the RPRO).

I emailed hello@mbientlab.com and Laura said the datasheets are correct. It just seems odd that the led on the RPRO is putting out ~50% more light than the LED on the R while using only 25% of the current? Can anyone shed any more light on this?



  • Those values reflect the operational parameters as listed in the spec sheets assuming 100% power.  They do not account for the amount of current powering the circuit.
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