why I don't save data successfully when I use the sampleandroidAPP

When I save data, the app tells me the file is empty and when I use the email to send the data, the email tell me the content is not allowed to send. Could the data can be saved in the smart phone?


    • What phone and Android OS are you using?
    • Is data being visualized on the graph?
    • What email app are you using?
    Try saving the file to Google drive.
  • I use the Galaxy Note II and OS is Androiad 4.3. The data is being visualized on the chart. The email app is the Galaxy system app. Because I'm in China, the google drive is difficult to use.
  • The only thing that comes to mind is that the Galaxy mail app doesn't recognize the content Uri of the saved file or it doesn't let the app automatically add attachments.  What if you tried using the official Gmail app?
  • Could you explain me the function about the setup fragment? I don't know it can change what, THX 
  • Are you referring to the "setup" function?  If so, all it does it setup the board to produce data.
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