Metawear C firmware update error


When I'm trying to update the MetaWear C firmware I get the following error:

"Update Error
Please re-connect and try again, if you can't connect try MetaBoot Mode to recover.
Error: 65760 bytes were sent while 224 bytes were reported as received"

After re-inserting the battery my MetaWear C appears as "MetaBoot" and after "Reset To Factory Defaults" everything is as before - on the old version.

Serial Num: 007BB6
HW Rev: 0.2
FW Rev: 1.1.3
Model Number: 2

Firmware Update "AVAILABE!"

MetaWear iOS Version 2.8

Do you have any suggestions how to update the firmware?



  • P.S.: the update on the MetaWear CPRO works perfect without any errors!
  • We have tracked the issue down to the Nordic DFU iOS library not being completely reverse compatible.  We are working on both a short term workaround and solid long term fix.

    In the meantime, if you have an Android device, that would work too as it was not affected.

  • Hi stephen,

    thanks for your reply!
    Unfortunately I don't have an Android device at hand so I'll have to wait for the workaround/fix.

    Funny that it's working on the CPro anyway.
  • An updated app (2.8.1) is in the Apple review pipeline.  Should be out within a week.

    Thanks for the report!
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