Get sensor data using a BLE App (Not the offical app)

Hi, I am connecting to my MetaWear with 'BLE Scanner' on Android. I can get lots of initial data, however the App also has the ability to send data to the device. Is there a way I could send some data to my MetaWear to get it to start outputting data from a sensor?

My goal is to find out if I can get data just by creating a connection, and then send it a signal to start outputting with BLE apps other than the official app.

Please excuse my lack of terminology, and feel free to correct me! I am very new to this :)

Thank you.


  • Yes, you can manually write to the command characteristic if you want; that is what the APIs are doing behind the scenes.  The C++ API provides some example byte strings in the unit tests.
  • Great! Thanks Eric.
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