accessing metawear's internal storage

Is there a way to store the sensor's data on the internal memory of metawear? 
I would like to do this in order to use the metawear device without having to pair it with a smartphone.
A specific use I have in mind is that of sport metrics,  similar to say the nike fuelband. 
At the moment, all the data generated by the metawear device has to be stored by the iPhone for further use. However, if the user wants to go running without the iPhone, I would need a way of caching the sensor data on the metawear device for retrieval later on. Is firmware programming the only route for this?

Many thanks!


  • It can be done, the latest firmware (v0.6.0) has this implemented and the APIs have been updated to support this feature (currently Android released, iOS will be out later this week).  However, there is not much internal storage on the MetaWear.  You will run out of memory long before you have logged any meaningful amount of accelerometer data.
  • what is maximum size of logging, how long it will store data in log ? fitbit device store 4days data in BLE device.
  • You can store 10,000 entries up to 4 bytes long on the MetaWear.
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