Android Update 2014-10-14 [API v1.1 and App v2.3]

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Hi All,

I have pushed out an update to both the API and the app.  You will need firmware v0.6.0 to use some of the features in the updates, which you can load with the "USE LATEST" button in the DFU panel.

On the API side, I've updated the Accelerometer class to include functions for controlling accelerometer features (shake, tap, orientation, motion, data sampling), added a class for the new offline logging feature, and updated the gatt services to include the battery level service.  For the app, the accelerometer panel has been updated to enable the other features, battery level is now displayed, and the NeoPixel patterns utilize the holdStrand function to simultaneously update all LEDs rather than update them individually.

Full release notes and direct downloads are on the respective release pages:

The Google Play page has been updated as well.

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