R-Series Tap detection algorithm breaks on firmware update 0.6.0 --> 1.1.3

Dear MbientLab support,

I am having trouble with the build-in algorithms for the MMA8452Q Accelerometer on MetaWear R-Series devices, which I access via the MetaWear Android API. Acceleration sampling works fine but I cannot access both the Shake Detection and the Tap Detection algorithms simultaneously.

When the device is on firmware version 0.6.0, the tap detection works but the shake detection never detects shakes. If I upgrade the firmware to 1.1.3 then the shake detection works but the tap detection algorithm never detects taps. Under both firmware versions, acceleration sampling works fine. The problem exists only for the built-in algorithms.

Is there a way around this problem? I can write my own tap detection algorithms, but this is not my specialty and I would prefer to use the API you provide.

Either way, I am happy to offer github access, testing, etc if this will help you diagnose the problem.

Joseph Toles



  • After reading this forum I realized that this should have been addressed "Dear Eric".
  • System appears to be working no. Sorry to bother you.
  • [edit] System appears to be working now. Sorry to bother you.
  • Good to hear you got everything working.  What did you change to get things working, or did they just magically work?
  • Magic. ;)
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