Can you implement algorithm to MetaWear without modifying the firmware?

Has anybody tried to implement own algorithm to the sensor without modifying the firmware? I need accelerator and gyroscope to work together without BLE connection, then transmit the results out periodically.   Is  Macro the only way to do it? How do you route data between different data processors to do basic math? Really appreciate it if someone can share an example how you did it.


  • What specifically are you trying to implement?
  • Eric, Thanks for your response.

    I want to monitor accelerator and gyroscope continuously. Once their values surpass a preset threshold, I want to save the time, if possible, some raw signals. Because the user will only have Bluetooth connection every few days, as simple as it is, the detection has to be done on board. I understand the firmware is not open-sourced, so I am trying to find out how to do  on board processing without touching firmware. 
  • You can write data to the flash memory and retrieve the saved data at a later time.

    The data processor has a comparator and threshold detector, and can compute rss and rms to name a few features.  You should be able to build what you want using those processors.
  • Eric,
      By "write data to the flash memory and retrieve the saved data at a later time", are you referring to the logger or other memory on board? 
  • Yes, I am talking about the logger.
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