BLE raw data Stream

Hi All,

I have a BLE device and some mbient envSensors, 
I wanted to see how a BLE stream from the sensors looks like.
Can someone help me with a sample BLE Stream , or how does it look like?

Thanks in adv,


  • You can take a look at the C++ API or Android API if you want to peek into the bytes that are being sent back and forth.
  • Thanks Eric, 
    Meanwhile I connecting to the board over android BLE library and could lay my hands on the raw data stream , advertisment data. 
    My question is what profile /standard specific to mbient sensors , like we have a standard iBeacon protocol.

    Can we have a look at it?

  • The C++ and Android API source code serve as documentation as to how the MetaWear communicates over Bluetooth LE.
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