Fetching the stored sensor data


I wanted to use mbient env or C sensors to log sensor data and save it in the board memory.
My intent is to fetch this data over to a BLE bridge and from there to some other system.

Now , my question is how do we connect and fetch this saved data from the boards?

Any direction on this regard would be of much help.

As of today, I could just connect to the sensor board in two ways;
- Using the metaware Android API
- Using the standard Android BLE library and read the BLE advertisement. 


  • The MetaBase app already retrieves log data from the boards and can send it to other machines via email, google drive, dropbox, etc..
  • Thanks Eric for the prompt reply,

    I was looking beyond the Metabase App, say we want to connect the sensors to a bluetooth(BLE compatiable) bridge rather than work it out from the app. 
    See , we will require to connect to multiple of these sensors and further send across the data over to a server , probably via a socket connection, a web service post  where the system will be automated and in a bulk processing manner.

    Hope I have been able to express my views,

  • If your bridge runs Android, use the Android API.  If it's running a more traditional Linux build (Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.), you can use the C++ API with BlueZ to communicate with the boards.
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