Android API v2.6.0

AP v2.6.0 adds support for firmware v1.2.3 features, deprecates the updateFirmware functions, and updates the API with some additional utility functions and support for a few sensor features.  See release notes for more details and jar download.

Release Notes


  • Hi Eric,

    I want to upgrade to the API v2.6.0 from 2.5.9 to use the high frequency streams. A pretty straight forward task you would think however when updating my gradle file I get the error message: "Failed to resolve: com.mbientlab:metawear:2.6.0". Very strange since it is working perfectly for v2.5.9. Any ideas on how I can resolve this?


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    Do you have offline mode enabled in your IDE?  Does the same error occur if you try older versions?
  • Yes the problem was that I had offline mode enabled! Thanks for you fast and helpful response :)

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