Firmware v1.2.3

edited August 2016 in Firmware
Firmware v1.2.3 fixes a few critical bugs and implements several features requested by the community.  Check the documentation for your target API for details on how to utilize these new features.

Make sure you are using the latest Android and iOS sample apps to upload this firmware.


  • Added SPI support
  • Enhanced comparison filter functionality
    • Compare agaisnt multiple values
    • Different output modes
  • Enhanced gpio analog reads
    • Set pull mode before reading
    • Redirect output to virtual pins
  • Support high frequency streaming
    • Can reliably stream up to 200Hz on MMA8452Q and BMI160, and up to 250Hz on BMA255
  • Improved led PWM
  • New "on detect" mode for pulse filter
    • Sends an output immediately when a pulse is detected rather than waiting for the pulse to finish
  • Can live update connection parameters
  • Fixed issue with data interrupts being ignored from the BMI160 and BMA255 sensors
    • This fix disables low power mode
    • Some orientation/flat interrupts may be ignored
  • Fixed crash resulting from failed flash write operation
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