Collecting Data from multiple Sensors and from multiple boards

We are trying to 
  1. Set up data logging from multiple sensors in multiple boards(serially, one sensor in one board then same thing with another board, one after the another
  2. Start fetching the data from each of the sensors in each of the boards(again serially) - connect to the board , setup route start download from sensor1, on completion start download from sensor 2...., disconnect the board, then connect to another board follow up the same process.
As long as the sequence is limited to boards with less number of records we are fairly successfull but when the number of records grows we encounter issues while fetching from the second sensor onwards. The board does not even throw an exception which can be handled but the process simply stops.

Any though /ideas, what may be hpenning?


  • What does logcat display with regards to Bluetooth activity during the downloads?
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