Connection settings for streaming at 50hz

Hi all,

I've implemented a simple application that connects to the board and starts the gyro and accelerometer. Both are setup to stream at 50hz. With the default ble settings the 50hz cannot be kept, so I tweaked the settings to have some values that seem to work.

While these settings work after connecting, I do get an unexpected connection lost as soon as i stop the sensors. So basically this is my flow:
1) Connect
2) Start accelerometer/gyroscope
3) Stop accelerometer/gyroscope
4) Get "java.lang.RuntimeException: onConnectionStateChanged reported non-zero status: 8"

I guess this is due to my settings, so what settings should I use to be able to reach the 50hz and not run into the "8" error?



  • I've found the problem, for testing I added a method to set the connection parameters. I called this method right before stopping the sensors. This caused the strange behaviour...
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