Firmware v1.2.4

Firmware v1.2.4 fixes a critical issue that blocks data streaming until the board is reset and updates the counter and accumulator so their state can be manually set.

Use the Android or iOS to update your boards to the latest firmware


  • Now there is FW 1.2.5 available. What are the differences compared to 1.2.4?
  • Do you have a release note for firmware 1.2.5?
  • v1.2.5 release notes posted.
  • Want to use high frequency stream but my c model is not getting update after v1.2.1. Is there any other method to update the firmware apart from metawear app(Android app)? 
  • How odd, are you able to at least start the DFU or does the update attempt fail at the firmware version check?

    Also, what is the hardware revision of the board and what Android OS and device are you using?
  • I am getting message "your board is already running the latest firmware" after clicking on update button. Board hardware revision is 0.2 with Asus ZenPad which is running on android lollipop.
  • What happens if you update anyways?
  • It updates to v1.2.1 only 
  • Which version of the Android app are you running?
  • Now it's working after updating the app. Thank you
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