Requests for MetaBase on iOS

Two (easy to implement) requests for your iOS  MetaBase app.It is not clear if the device is logging data or not, or when it does start doing it; a real time indicator would be very useful. I understand the data logs time but even a clock with milliseconds on the app could be useful.
Secondly, it would be helpful  to have an led on during logging, and to be able to select the color. I am capturing the device against a green screen and to have the red led on would be perfect. (This is possible on your MetaWear app.)

Thank you.


  • The latest update to the MetaBase app separates boards that are ready to be configured from boards that are actively logging when you attempt to connect to the MetaWears.  So if the board doesn't show up when you press "Configure", its logging, and vice-versa.  Furthermore, the boards blink green and blue when you configure them and download data from them respectively so you know which board the app is currently interacting with.

    The LED is a huge power draw which will kill the battery very quickly if left on so we only use minimally in the app.
  • I don't the blinks are enough information,
    The app should have something on the iphone screen indicating in real time the data is being logged.

    Regarding the LED huge power draw. Did you measure this ? How long can the battery go logging at the highest rate and having the LED on (optional) ?

    Thank you
  • It does; if the app is aware of any boards that are logging data, the "Capture" button will be enabled otherwise it is grayed out.

    The 6 axis IMU on the boards uses ~1mA (925 - 990uA) when both gyro and acc are running and the led consumes between 2 - 5mA per color.
  • Tthere is a grey spinning wheel and an OK button at the same time as if the app was waiting for something. Also there is a popup saying "Success....started logging data" and and option to dismiss it clicking OK. So does the device start logging when the popup appears or when the notification is dismissed? This is not a question, I am just pointing at some human interface design guidelines.
    There should be a timer so we know for how long the device has been logging and I don't see a problem with the LED on and battery time. 

    Sorry but I think the main problem is that you don't want to listen.  

  • An elapsed time of sorts would be nice but the app does allow you to start/end log sessions at different times if you have multiple boards.

    If you saw that popup appear, what do you think your board is doing at that moment?  If it is unclear to you, then what should it say instead?  

    You are the only one that wants the LED on while recording and I doubt most people want to enable a component that provides no value to the sensor data while consuming more power than the most power hungry sensor.
  • Eric, it should say nothing; you just need a notification or a permanent text label saying "the board is logging data". A grayed out button does not convey any information. I would recommend you to read Apple's guidelines and I'm not criticizing your work, just trying to suggest something so don't take it personal. You have an open source SDK so it is easy to design my own app. 

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