Firmware Update [10/21/2014] v0.6.0

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Hi All,

A new Firmware update is available for your MetaWear board to unleash all the new Android and iOS API features.

You can update your board using the MetaWear Android and iOS Apps:

We've seen some issues with DFU so if your board doesn't update, try again. Don't forget that it can take up to 60 seconds for your board to come out of MetaBoot mode. Don't try to reconnect to your newly updated MetaWear board right away, grab a beer, run a lap, take a few breath...then try again.

The code is also available on Github:



  • Hi Laura,

    No new version of metawear app on iTunes,
  • Claude,

    It is stuck in the approval stage by Apple. It should be available and updated in the App store in about 2 days.

  • Thanks Laura,

    Got the app on github and update the firmware to 0.6.0. Restart OK.
  • The new iOS App version 1.1 fixes the MetaBoot problem.

    If your board is stuck in MetaBoot mode follow these steps:

    1.  Download Nordic Toolbox App from the App Store.
    2.  Download the latest MetaWear firmware hex file from this link:
    3.  Use the Nordic Toolbox App to load the file "firmware.hex" onto the MetaWear device that is stuck in "MetaBoot".
    4.  On success the device will start to advertise as "MetaWear" again.
  • Thanks Laura,

    This fixed my device.

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