Won't accept new connections

I'm doing connect/disconnect tests using android code, and every now and then the sensor will stop advertising over BLE after a disconnect. It gets 'stuck' and I need to wait for it to fully discharge.

When it's 'stuf', I've powered down all my android phones, and it doesn't help. I've put the sensor in an icebox, and then into the fridge (i.e. should disconnect any random BLE connections), and still nothing.

Has anyone else seen this issue? I've seen it three times in a week.


    1. What android OS and device are you using?
    2. What firmware are you running?
    3. Does the same issue happen if you use the nRF Connect app?
  • 1. Moto G gen 4, Android 6.0.1
    2. 0.6.0
    3. Yes, when it's in this state I can't get any apps (on the android or BLE dongle on my PC) to connect
  • Just realized 0.6.0 is a very old firmware version. Updated to 1.2.5 and will see if it happens again.
  • I haven't seen the issue since upgrading. Looks good!
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