Changing Magnetometer frequency

Is there any way to change magnetometer frequency? If its possible how can I do so. Please provide some hint.


  • Not directly.  You can change the powerPreset property which does modify frequency but only when using the high accuracy preset (20Hz).  The other settings still use 10Hz.
  • I am trying to collect data for accelerometer at 20Hz, gyro at 20 Hz and for magnetometer to high accuracy preset (which is 20 Hz) but still I am getting different number of readings for all of them.
  • Is it possible to get the magnetometer data at 50Hz?
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    No, we only support the recommended operation modes as outlined in the documentation, enumerated in the aforementioned powerPreset property.

    The accelerometer and gyro cannot be directly sampled at 20Hz directly.  You can use periodic sampling to get the exact data rate you need.
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