Sensor Fusion API changes


With the release of the Metamotion boards imminent, I tried to see if the new iOS API broadcasts any attitude data but did not find anything. Can someone shed some light on how we'll be accessing the Euler angles/quaternions from the new board?




  • Good question, I have been searching for the API's to fetch Euler-Angles/Quaternions but couldn't found them. Hopefully they would be updating their API's soon.
  • The API & documentation will be published when they are ready.
  • Thanks Eric
  • Hi,

    Some new code has been committed to GitHub. Unfortunately, the Pod files appear well out of whack and nothing will build. There is also no documentation of examples of using SensorFusion. The iOS documentation site is showing 404 Not Found

    I actually took the new codebase and compiled as part of a new iOS app. While my new MetaMotion R is recognised and can be connected to, there is no MblMetaWear.SensorFusion object (= nil).

    Please address these shortcomings as soon as possible.

  • iOS docs have been restored.

    Yes, we are working to get the sensor fusion algorithm released asap.  Expect a firmware update soon.
  • Ok, well anxiously awaiting the firmware update so I can begin reading sensor fusion data.
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