Getting out of MetaBoot in Android

On the FAQ, it says that I can get out of MetaBoot mode by updating the firmware with an iOS device. Is it possible to do this with a custom Android app? I'm using MetaWear as the foundation for a consumer product and not all of our customers have iOS phones.

My attempts to do so through the Android API suggest that this might not be possible. I can't get a reference to the Debug class unless the device is connected, and I can't connect to an Android device if the MetaWear is in MetaBoot mode.


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    You don't need the Debug class if the board is already in MetaBoot mode; use the API to download the latest firmware and pass the downloaded file into the Nordic DFU library.  The MetaWear app already handles this case so you should be able to just use the Android app if you don't want to write your own DFU code.
  • Thanks. I'll try this out.
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