Recommended devices for use with Metawear C/CPRO

What android devices are used where the rate of data retrieval from the MetaWear board is the same as the sensor update rate? (Sensors are polling at 100Hz, data is received by Android device at 100Hz).

What sort of phone model and tablet model work in this manner? I have gone through quite a few different devices and the only one that actually fulfills this functionality is an LG G3.

To MbientLab staff - what devices (phones and tablets) are used for testing the sensors?


  • I haven't had any issues with Nexus 6 (Android M) or 9 (Android N).  

    We test the boards across a variety of devices such as:
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Nexus 6, 7, 9
    • Iphone 6, 7
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 mini
    • BLU Win HD LTE (Win10 Phone)
    • Zenbook laptop (Win10 desktop)
  • Just to clarify - the only tablet that these sensors have been thoroughly tested with is the Nexus 9?
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