sensor fusion sampling rate?

What is the sampling rate for sensor fusion data? Can it be changed. I've noticed that using the accelerometer at the same time as sensor fusion produces very choppy acceleration readings. Switching over to sensorFusion.acceleration fixes this, but I don't seem to have any control over the sampling rate. I use my own lowpass filters, so it's important for me to either know the sample rate or have some control over it.



  • When using sensor fusion, do not configure the senors yourself; the algorithm will configure them depending on the selected fusion mode.  You can refer to this table from the Android documentation for sampling frequencies.:
  • Thanks Eric. So if I'm understanding correctly, the individual sample rates for acceleration and gyroscope coming of the sensor fusion device (e.g., sensorFusion.acceleration) are dictated by the mode used for sensor fusion as described in the chart you linked to. Is that correct?
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