Android API v3.0.0 [Beta]

With some Java 8 features supported for Android development, the Android API is being refactored to take advantage of some of these features.  A beta of the new Android API is now available for users to try out, source code is on the 3.0_beta branch of the GitHub repo.  As this is a beta, there could be breaking changes up until the final release and there currently isn't much documentation outside of a changes list and updated code from a few Android apps:
The aim for the new API is to take advantage of some Java 8 features (lambda functions and method references) and the Bolts Framework.  Utilizing these two features will reduce the amount of code needed to be written and improve the robustness of the API by having a proper library for handling asynchronous tasks.  Even if you are hesitant to try out the new features now, I encourage you to at least check out the links above to get a feel for what the Android API will look like in the future.


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