CPro connects in iOS, won't in Android

Loving the CPRO. I can connect / log / stream data via the iOS apps, and was hoping to get streaming to work via MetaHub. 
I bought a new Samsung T280, set it up, downloaded the apps. All of them can see the sensor, none can connect. They all hang or throw an error after tapping the name of the sensor.
I can connect / reinstall firmware / reset to defaults / change the device name via iOS, none of which enables Android to connect.
Am out of ideas -- any thoughts welcome.
Thanks all & happy thanksgiving!


  • What OS is your tablet running?

    Try using the nRF Connect app to scan and connect to the boards.  If the boards aren't usable with the Nordic app, you should try getting your hands on another Android device.

  • Hi Eric,
    Thanks for the quick reply. Tablet is running 5.1.1 w/2016-09-01 security patch.

    nRF sees but returns an Error 133 (0x85): GATT ERROR when trying to connect to the CPro.

    I'll have access to another Android device soon. 

    Any idea when MetaHub will be coming to iOS? That, TBH, is vastly preferable to trying to hunt down an Android device that works.


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    We've had pretty good experiences with Nexus (5 or newer) devices.  I'd try getting your hands on of those if you can.

    I'll check with the iOS dev regarding the MetaHub roadmap when we're back from Thanksgiving break.  
  • Thanks! Worked fine on a Blue Advance 5.0. Please keep us posted on the MetaHub for iOS option -- that would be really helpful. 
  • MeteaHub for iOS most likely will not be available until the end of December.
  • Honestly, it's exciting that it's actually in development. We're looking forward to it!
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